Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tips: Taking Moon Photos

Taking Moon Photos:

1) Turn on spot(center) exposure(metering).
2) Set the white balance to bright sun unless your auto WB already sets itself correctly.
3) Set your aperture to narrower settings, I usually use Aperture priority and set it to a higher number(narrower aperture) of F8 or higher.
4) If necessary, play with your exposure compensation to correct down as far as needed so you are not overexposed(if needed).
5) Use a tripod and either a remote shutter release or the self-timer. Turn off your image stabilization if you are using a tripod.
6) Use a low ISO number of around 100
7) The general consensus is that you need about a 400mm (35mm equivalent) focal length.
8) You may need to boost the contrast and sharpen the image in your post processing tools.


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